Netflix India Web Series List Hindi 2021 | Popular Web Series On Netflix Hindi

Over the years, Netflix’s content has moved to various fields and there is a lot to see on stage, the library is full of Indian original series and films. Here, we discuss the Netflix India Web Series List Hindi 2021.

The Web series streaming platform comes in various subscription packages in India and you can buy whatever you like according to the size of your budget. You can watch web series without a subscription on YouTube.

There is a lot to see on the huge streaming platform. Even if you are only looking for an Indian Netflix web series list, the original Indian content on it’s watchable.

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List of Top Web Series On Netflix Hindi 2021

Web Series On Netflix Hindi
Best Series On Netflix Hindi

1. Sacred Games

The story of this Indian web series on Netflix revolves around a terrorist attack in Mumbai, masterminded by gangster Ganesh Gaitonde. It is now the role of the police to stop the attack. If you haven’t seen the show then this is a watch for you.

Watch the free trailer here : 

2. She

Imtiaz Ali’s directorial debut is a representation of the small screen. The transformative journey of a lower-middle-class police officer who has worked beyond his job. These Best Netflix Original series stand out with great performances, which are truly mesmerizing to watch.

Watch the free trailer here : 

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3. Delhi Crime

This web show is based on the most shocking incident of the rape incident in the Indian capital New Delhi. – The Nirbhaya rape case.

Watch the free trailer here : 

4. Netflix India Web Series List Hindi 2021Taj Mahal 1989

An Indian best web series on Netflix Taj Mahal is composed of three interconnected love stories. These are a lovely set of stories that light you up in a dark world.

Watch the free trailer here : 

5. Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians

In the eight-part documentary series, we follow the path of IPL team Mumbai Indian to victory. Each episode is 40 minutes long and you learn a little better about how to build a high-profile IPL team from each episode.

Shot through dressing rooms, hotel rooms, conference rooms, team meetings, and net sessions, this documentary really makes you feel a part of the team of Mumbai Indians. This was the first time documentary for a cricket team.

Even though it is a bit of a hindrance with a weak background score and sharp edits in places, it will surely be a delight for any cricket fan.

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6. Jamtara – Best Thriller Hindi Web series

Top web series on Netflix 2021 inspired by such true events. It is the best exciting journey to see what really happened in Jharkhand. It’s great to see the exciting series this is. 

Trailer is here : 

7. Selection Day

The series Selection Day is a great Hindi series on Netflix with two brilliant boys with their cricket story. And how choosing a cricket team becomes a craziness for some parents and for some it is still a game that has to be played well.

The trailer is available here:

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8. Stories By Rabindranath Tagore 

The natural Swaroop of Rabindranath Tagore’s stories. A beautiful story of Rabindranath Tagore is presented on Netflix.

Watch the free trailer here:

9. GuiltyKiara Advani’s Hindi Web series On Netflix

This Guilty series is a story that revolves around a female character and tells you a completely different story. The star cast of this web show is Kiara Advani,  Taher Shabbir, and Akansha Rajan. 

Watch the trailer of Kiara Advani’s series:

10. Little Things

This Little Things series was not a Netflix Hindi original, for that you have 3 seasons to watch which are available on the Netflix ott platform. And this web series is based on an unmarried couple who live together in Mumbai.

Watch the free trailer by this video:


Here, we describe the list of top 10 Netflix series that is great and you must watch these popular Netflix India Web Series List Hindi 2021 to enjoy yourself.

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