Which is the Best Window AC Or Split AC In 2021 | Split AC Vs Window AC 2022

Hey, you are looking for Split AC Vs Window AC Which is Best in 2022 – The complete guide then you come to the right place. Here, We discuss the difference between Split AC and Window AC.

Window AC Vs Split AC
Split Vs Window

Are you looking to buy an Air Conditioner then the first thing that comes in their mind is either they should go for the Best split AC or window AC?

First, you will know about the Window and Split Air conditioner.

What is a Window AC?

These air conditioners that come in a single unit design where the dashboard with buttons faced inside and the rear part is installed outside through the window.

It requires drilling a huge square shaped hole in your windows. therefore, we insert the window AC unit.

The capacity of a Window AC is medium and is best for a small-sized room with a window space.

These Window ACs are Budget-friendly and the maintenance cost is also very low.

What is a Split AC?

These are the air conditioners that are usually mounted on the wall, below the ceiling.

It comes in two separate AC units – First Condenser and Second Compressor.

The Condenser is installed inside the room and the compressor is placed outside the room.

The Window AC which requires a large hole, the split AC requires only a small hole to connect the pipes between the condenser and compressor units.

These split-type air conditioners are suitable for medium to large rooms.

If you go through this guide, You have surely decided which AC is best for me and understand the difference between Window and Split AC and you will get as per your requirement. But First, you have to consider and examine the location of the room where the AC is Installed.

If you have not found window in room so, you can directly move to Split Air conditioners.

Or You have such a window, you should check the dimensions (length, width, and height) of the window whether it is Favorable for a window Air Conditioner or not.

Split AC Vs Window AC Difference

There are many differences between Split AC vs Window AC, but the main difference is in the design structure. Where the window AC has only one single unit and the split AC contains two Indoor and outdoor units.

Window AC Vs Split AC - Pick The Best One
window vs split

Each one has its pros and cons over others, which we will consider below but first have a look at the difference between Window or Split AC.

Split ACWindow AC
It contains two indoor and outdoor units.It has a single unit for the whole operation.
It can be installed in any room with or without Window.It can be installed a room which has a window.
The installation process is complicated.Easy installation and can be shifted easily.
Split AC enhances the appearance of the room, considering the interior design room.The window AC doesn’t look good as compared to Split type.
Compare to window AC, It costly.They are cheaper and easily fit into a lower budget.
It has more number of 5-star models in the market containing advanced technology.It has only limited models in the Indian market with a 5-star energy rating.

Split AC Or Window AC Pros And Cons

Split AC Pros

  • Better Models available in market
  • It gives the best room appearance
  • Comes with the Best Features like hidden display, floral pattern, motion sensor, etc
  • produce less noise
  • comfortable for user
  • Easy to clean Filter
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large-sized rooms and shops.
  • quite and ideal for low noise environment
  • comes with energy-efficient models
  • comes with the latest AC technology
  • no need for a window hole.

Split AC Cons

  • Costly
  • It requires to drill room to make a hole.
  • The installation process is complicated
  • If a non-expert tries to change its location or direction then the copper pipe is highly prone to damage.
  • not better for a portable option

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Window AC Pros

  • Better for a portable option
  • Best for those people who live in a rented house and apartment
  • No need to additional copper pipe/duct pipe
  • budget-friendly
  • Easy to Install
  • It gives the best cooling at less price
  • easily get the same capacity at a much lesser price
  • best for small rooms

Window AC Cons

  • A bit higher noise as compared to Split type
  • required a hole of the window
  • fewer models in the market
  • not Suitable for large rooms
  • It gives less room appearance

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Window AC Vs Split AC Which is Best & Why?

Now, let us compare each factor to see which AC is right for your requirements. which is better in Window Air conditioner Vs Split Air Conditioner?

1.AC Design

A Split AC comes with the best colors and design patterns that increase the interiors of your bedroom further.

Though, the Window Air conditioner is mostly available in a single color i.e., white.

The Window AC comes in large size when compared with the split type AC. In this comparison of Window AC Vs Split AC the winner is the Split Air conditioner.

Winner: Split AC

2. AC Installation

It is very easy to install the Window AC as it comes in a single unit. You need to arrange an open window.

The installation process of split AC is complicated because it requires professional help, which is usually charged. And, if you stay in an apartment with no balcony, then it needs an extended pipe to install the compressor unit on the terrace. so, the cost would be much higher. Window AC or Split AC In AC Installation winner is always Window not split.

Winner: Window AC

3. AC Cooling Capacity

The cooling power of a split AC is higher due to the compression technology.

It is, therefore, suitable for large bedrooms, Shops, and living rooms.

The Window AC comes in a portable size (single unit) and has less cooling capacity, which is why it is mostly used in small apartments and rooms. In this comparison of Window AC and Split AC, the winner is the Split Air conditioner.

Winner: Split AC

4. Window AC Vs Split AC Energy Consumption

The BEE ratings decide the Energy Split & window AC power consumption.

The higher the star rating, gives low the electricity bills and the more energy-efficient your AC will be.

A 3 star 1 ton Split AC consumes more power than a 5 star 1.5 ton Split AC.

The same applies to the Window AC as well. Window AC power consumption is high as compared to split AC for a longer period.

When you compare both, split ACs consume less electricity when used for longer periods. When we talk about Window AC or Split AC for Power Consumption then I prefer always Split AC.

Winner: Split AC

5. AC Noise Levels

When Window AC running, It produces noise.

Split ACs make little to no noise, depending on Which air conditioner brand you choose. In this comparison of Window and Split AC the winner is the Split Air conditioner.

Winner: Split AC

6. AC Maintenance

Window AC requires very low maintenance and low-cost spare parts receive in the market.

The split AC requires regular maintenance from authorized technicians, which may costly.

Even the spare parts are a bit costlier when compared with the Window AC.

Winner: Window AC

7. Prices of an Air Conditioner

A Window AC from a well-known brand will cost you between Rs.18000 to Rs.30000.

Whereas the popular split AC brands start from Rs.28000 and go up to Rs.50000 in India.

So, you decide for buying an air conditioner for a small room (Window AC) or a bigger one (Split AC). Window and Split AC both have various prices it depends on which type of AC has we select.

Winner: Depends On Your Room Size

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After reading the above article you have a clear-cut idea of which is the Best ac in India. Which is the best AC for home?

Buy a Split AC – If you want to install it in a medium to large bedroom or living hall where the cooling requirement is higher. Suitable for own homes and offices.

Buy a Window AC – If you want to install it in a small office room, individual shops, single bedrooms, and rented homes and offices, etc… where the cooling requirement is minimal. Suitable only for their own house or rented as well.

Hope you understood the logic. And It is of your opinion what type of AC to choose between Window AC Vs Split AC which is best for you.

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