9 Best Air Coolers In India 2021 – Expert Review And Guide

If you want to buy the best Air coolers then you come to the right place. Here, we discuss the Top 9 best Air Cooler in India 2021 with complete reviews and buying guide.

When summer arrives the heat makes us exhausted and uneasy. In order to comfortably sleep or work, We need to buy the best Air cooler for our homes and offices.

Day by day, Air coolers have become an Important appliance for our home. I know that you are looking for Which Air cooler is best?

We make a list of the 9 best air coolers in India and We considered the best features of it, Budget-friendly, and All the Pros & Cons. This article gives details about air coolers, it helps to find the best one and you can buy online.

There are a lot of air cooler brands in the Indian market and it can be difficult to find the right one for your home. If you do not have knowledge about the best air cooler then we are here for you.

So, let’s start…

First We discuss the types of Air coolers In India. Which two types of air coolers that detail given below.

Types of Air Coolers In India 2021

Before know about the best air coolers, we should also know about different types of air coolers in 2021 and those used for our homes and others.

1. Desert Coolers

Desert coolers are bigger air coolers and It can be used for larger areas. It has a very huge water capacity of 40 to 60 liters.

It can be used for Bigger rooms and also used for outdoor purposes. It’s not good for small rooms and one single room, It used in a big hall and rooms.

2. Personal Coolers

Personal coolers come in smaller sizes and can be used for small rooms and offices. It has about 30 liters of capacity, And It is highly affordable and it saves our money.

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Top 9 Best Air Coolers in India 2021 – Reviews

1. Bajaj Air cooler Platini PX97 Torque – 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler – (White)

The Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White) created from thermoplastic materials. It is movable and gives a fresh environment for the home.

It’s one of the best air coolers in the Indian market. It has 3-way speed control and This Air cooler comes with 36 liters water capacity. This is the Best Air cooler in India under 6000.


  • 36 Liters water capacity
  • Ideal for room size of up to 150 Sq Ft.
  • Suitable for all climates and coastal regions
  • Honeycomb cooling media, easily removable pads
  • 3 Side cooling pad for enhanced performance
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility
  • Cord effective length of 1.5
  • 3-way speed control
  • Quite a Performance
  • Four-way air deflection
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Pads are easily removable
  • 3-way speed control
  • Has caster wheels for mobility
  • Four-way air deflection


  • Cooling speed has almost no difference
  • The cooler needs to be filled at least 4 times a day

2. Symphony Air cooler Diet 35T

This is one of the best Air cooler in India under 10000. With a 35 liters water capacity, It is a powerful yet efficient Air cooler for both large and small rooms.

This cooler provides mosquito net as well which will restrict any harmful insects and prevents our health.

This cooler has special features like in-built i-pure technology providing multistage filtration against dust, smell, allergies, bacteria.


  • 35 Liters Water Capacity
  • 170W energy consumption
  • 5-Stage Air filtration
  • Water Level Indicator and Honeycomb Pad
  • Ideal for room size up to 50 m3
  • Easy to use dial knob controls for fan speed, cooling, and swing settings


  • Easy to move around and portable
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Saves electricity
  • Provides multiple filtration process


  • No remote-controlled operation available
  • Not for bigger rooms

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3. Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler (White/Grey)

The Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler is the best appliance to use for the summer. It comes with 75 liters of water capacity.

It is an energy-efficient Air cooler that comes under 10000. Ideal for small and large-sized rooms. It has also honeycomb cooling pads which are best for air coolers.

It has 3 levels of speeds. Best Air Cooler In India 2020 Crompton.


  • Capacity: 75 Liters
  • Ideal for room size of up to 550 Sq Ft.
  • Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room else cooler won’t work effectively
  • Effective Honeycomb Cooling Pads, AirSpeed control
  • Number of Speeds: 3


  • Has a capacity of 75 liters
  • Has honeycomb cooling pads
  • Air could be thrown up until 52 feet


  • Must allow cross-ventilation to have cooler work efficiently

4. Symphony Ice Cube 27 Ltrs Air Cooler

The Symphony Air cooler comes with 27 liters of water capacity, Which is best for small and personal rooms. This is a good Air cooler and comes with the best technologies and features.

This cooler provides multistage Air filtration this is nice. It comes with air purification technology, it purifies the air of the room.

The power consumption of Air cooler is only 105 W it is lesser than most of the personal cooler. This is one of the best Air cooler under 7000.

The price range of this cooler is very low, so you can easily go for buying this Air cooler.


  • 27 Liters Water Capacity
  • 3-side honeycomb cooling pads
  • Dura-pump technology
  • I-pure technology
  • 105 W power consumption


  • Value for Money
  • Good for small rooms
  • Multiple Filtration process for clean air
  • Ice cube chamber is good for instant cooling


  • Poor customer service

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5. Bajaj 24 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler

The Bajaj is a personal Air cooler and comes with 24 liters of water capacity. It looks very stylish and sleek.

This cooler comes with Hexagonal Technology which Specially Designed Cooling Media With Hexagonal Design, Delivering Maximum Cooling With Minimum Water Consumption.

Bajaj Frio Cooler is Ideal For Room Size Of Up to 150 Sq Ft. It has 2-way speed control which gives no noise performance. And this Air cooler available in White color. It is Budget-friendly and the best Air cooler below 5000.


  • Hexagonal Technology: Specially Designed Cooling Media With Hexagonal Design, Delivering Maximum Cooling With Minimum Water Consumption
  • Typhoon Blower Technology: Blower Based Technology For Quick And Efficient Cooling
  • Ice Chamber: Ice Compartments To Store Ice Cubes For Improved Cooling Experience
  • Capacity: 23 Litres
  • Ideal For Room Size Of Upto 150 Sq Ft.
  • Suitable For All Climates And Coastal Regions
  • Powerful Air Throw: Powerful Air Throw
  • 3 Speed Control: To Adjust Air Flow


  • Sleek design
  • Large capacity for individual use
  • Easily removable pads
  • Wheels for easy mobility


  • Cross ventilation necessary for working
  • No remote control operation
  • Body made from plastic

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6. Symphony Hicool I Air Cooler

This Symphony Hicool I air cooler comes with 31 liters of water capacity and comes with Dura pump technology and SMPS Technology.

It has a 5-stage filtration process which is the best for buying a cooler. It has also a good air throw distance. This is one of the best Air coolers under 10000.

This Cooler is a little costlier than the above list. But best air cooler in India of Symphony.


  • 31 Liters Water Capacity
  • 185 W power Consumption
  • Dura-Pump Technology & SMPS Technology
  • 5-Stage Filtration Process
  • Air Throw Distance of 37 Ft.


  • Value for Money
  • Perfect Automatic remote control
  • Multiple stage filtrations
  • Friendly and favorable
  • Empty water tank alarm


  • No humidity control
  • High noise level

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7. Bajaj DC 55 DLX 54-litres Air Cooler – Best Air cooler in India for Large Rooms

The Bajaj DC 55 DLX is the best Air cooler for a medium-sized room that comes with 54 Liters of water capacity.

It makes the room environment cool and fresh. This Air cooler is best under 10000. It comes with Maxcool Technology which Wood Wool Cooling Media For Effective Cooling.

This Bajaj Air cooler is Ideal For a Room Size Of Up to 600 Sq Ft. It is Suitable For All Climates And Coastal Regions.


  • Max cool Technology: Wood Wool Cooling Media For Effective Cooling
  • Typhoon Blower Technology: Blower Based Technology For Quick And Efficient Cooling
  • 3 Speed Control: To Adjust Air Flow According To The Requirement
  • Capacity: 54 Litres
  • Ideal For Room Size Of Upto 600 Sq Ft.
  • Suitable For All Climates And Coastal Regions
  • Powerful Air Throw: Powerful Air Throw For Best Reach Of Air At Long Distance
  • Super Air Delivery: High Air Delivery For Faster Cooling


  • Pads are easy to remove
  • Has 3 cooling pads
  • Features 4-way deflection
  • Can work on your inverter
  • Contains a castor wheel to move the cooler around easier


  • Must allow cross-ventilation so cooling would work more efficiently
  • Has no ice chamber
  • Has no remote control
  • Has no timer

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8. Crompton Aura Woodwool Desert Air Cooler- 55 Liter

The Crompton Aura Woodwool Desert Cooler is one of the best air coolers in India 2021 on our list which comes at a little bit costly price.

It has three types of Speed modes: High, medium, and low. It provides some best features like a water level indicator, water drain plug for easy cleaning.

The Air cooler has 4 castor wheels for movement. Air throw distance of this cooler is 45 ft which is a good thing. This is the best Air cooler under 12000.


  • 45 feet air throw distance, air delivery – 4200 m2/hr, auto-fill for hassle-free usage castor wheels for easy mobility
  • water level indicator, water drain plug for easy cleaning
  • Speed modes: High, medium, and low
  • Air throw distance (ft): 45
  • Auto-swing louvers for 4 way air deflection
  • 4 castor wheels for easy cooler movement
  • The body is made up of abs and thermoplastic


  • Long air throw distance
  • Beautiful color combination
  • Body made from ABS and thermoplastic


  • The plastic body looks cheap.
  • Less water capacity
  • Cross ventilation required for usage

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9. Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Liter Air Cooler

The Kenstar Double Cool is a good air cooler in 2020. It has 50 Liter of Water Capacity. Air Throw Distance is 45 feet.

This Air cooler is best for medium-sized rooms. This is the best Air cooler in India under 7500. This Kenstar cooler is made of a corrosion-free and thermally re-engineered plastic body.

It comes with 4-Way Air Deflection. And It highly durable & It consumes less power.


  • 50 Liter Water Capacity
  • Air Throw Distance 45 feet
  • Air Delivery (m3/hr): 1750
  • Wood wool evaporative pads
  • 4-Way Air Deflection


  • Highly Affordable and durable
  • Corrosion Free machine
  • Sturdy and plastic body
  • Perfect for medium-sized rooms
  • Consume less power


  • No trolley provided
  • Not portable and movable

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Air Cooler Buying Guide in India 2021

You need to buy the best Air cooler than here is a simple yet Important guide for us. Some buying tips are listed below.


Air coolers are very cheap as compared to Air conditioners, So you also find the best and affordable one. A Quality and good Air cooler costs around 7000, It is a budget-friendly.

Cooling pads

Honeycomb pads – less maintenance

Wool pads made out of wood shavings synthetic fiber and it is less durable and less efficient.


Personal air coolers are the best for small to medium rooms, while desert coolers work well with wider and bigger areas.

When you see the product also see the Area covered by the cooler And It is equal or covers more than the size of the room.

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Best Air Coolers Companies in India 2021

Here, we give a list of the Top 5 best Air cooler brands In India 2021 there are given below.

1. Symphony

Symphony is a company the manufacturer products like air coolers for industrial and domestic purposes, also has the Guinness World Record of manufacturing the world’s largest functioning air cooler.

The Ahmedabad company also expanded into other countries and launched a wide range of domestic coolers in India. Symphony is the best air cooler in India’s brand.

2. Bajaj

Bajaj Electricals has been providing lighting and luminaire solutions to the Indian consumer since July 1938, today it has diversified into home appliances, electric fans, water heaters, dry iron, room heaters, air coolers, and cooking.

Some of the notable projects of Bajaj Electricals in India are lighting and luminaire solutions at Bandra Worli Sea Link and Commonwealth Games Stadium.

3. Kenstar

The Kenstar brand of air coolers is a household name in India and is one of the leading brands in the industry with over 50 models and 70 variants.

There are various ranges of coolers available by capacity, with spaces and powerful air throw blowers and optimum cooling. Kenstar is the best Air cooler in Indian brands.

4. Crompton Greaves

Crompton is the most trusted company in India with a brand name of 75 years offering electrical consumer products under the Crompton brand name.

The Ozone Portable Cooler is designed for superior cooling performance over an area of 500 square feet by cooling your bedroom and dining room.

5. Orient Electric

Orient air coolers with a large capacity of water tank and powerful air motor are best suited for dry and long Indian summer season.

The ultimate and contemporary range of air coolers by Orient Electric is an ideal choice for your living room, bedroom, dining area, and small offices.

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Here, I give details about two types of air coolers and I also give a list of Top 9 Best Air coolers in India 2021 that is useful for choose on best for you.

I also give details about buying guides and the best brands of air coolers in India 2021.

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