How to use AC during the Covid-19 Situations 2021

Are you using AC during the COVID-19 pandemic situation? So, Don’t worry, I will come with the results about how to use AC during the COVID-19 Situations according to guidelines issued by the government of India.

How to use AC

Because of temperature increase rapidly every year, people look after to use an air conditioner to get some breathing space from the heat during the summer season.

However, there are many concerns about the use of air conditioners and coolers in Corona effect. People are concerned that between coronavirus epidemics the maximum temperature of the AC they need to use AC.

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) tweeted in an account that the use of a fact check handle or window AC is correct; The issue is the central air conditioning system.

Here, I give a complete guide for How to use AC at Home during Covid-19.

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The Complete Guide for How to use AC during Covid-19 Situations:

1. According to the government guidelines, the temperature of Air conditioners is 24-30 degrees Celcius should keep for your home uses.

2. Second thing is the humidity of AC should be between 40-70 percent during COVID India. This is the best tip for how to use AC in Covid-19.

3. Rooms should be kept ventilated even when AC is not turned on. As an additional precaution, the frequency of service may be increased.

4. Coronavirus infection is caused by relative humidity. It states that moisture present in the air is responsible for providing protection against respiratory infections.

5. The evaporative cooler must draw air from outside to ensure good ventilation. And Windows should be kept partially open when using electric fans.

6. If the exhaust fan is located nearby, it can also be turned on the exhaust air for better ventilation.

7. Evaporator or desert coolers should be used with air filters to provide effective cooling in hot and dry climates. Advised to prevent dust ingress and maintain hygiene, evaporative cooler tanks must be kept clean and disinfected and water drained and refilled frequently, the consultant says.

Apart from this, the consultant says that the use of air conditioners, coolers, and fans should be the intake of air from outside the house. This can be achieved by using exhaust fans or opening windows slightly.

Latest News About How to use AC: A recent study in China suggested that air conditioning helps in the transmission of coronavirus infection among people in restaurants.

How to Use AC at Home

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