Best Telegram Channels for Books Pdf 2022

Best Telegram Channels for Books pdf: You heard that “There is no friend as faithful as a book”. But the problem is how and where to get the best books. If you are a reader of similar questions, I have an solution for you.

I have personally tested lots of books telegram channels and then listed the most active, trustable and authoritative Telegram channels for books.

Top 20 Telegram Channel For Books Pdf

1. EBOOK ONLYHere, you can find ebooks in pdf formats that’s channel name is ebook telegram channel. The channel has access to exceptionally old and classic books which are world-famous.

2. PREMIUM EBOOKS–  Here, you can see premium books that are not easily available are found in this telegram book channel.

3. BOOK WORLDIf you are daily routine reader like me, then this is the best channel for you. Must join channel.

4. FREE COMICS BOOKS & NOVELS–  Here, you can see one of the best telegram channels for readers who prefer comic books as well as novels. This site provides you free of cost.

5. AMAZON KINDLE EBOOKSThis is an amazing telegram channel to find all the books available on amazon plus ebooks in the format of pdf. All the books available are No costs (free).

6. ENGINEERING BOOKSIf you are studied engineering and looking for a place to find all your engineering notes and study material, then this is the place for you. This is an informative and educational platform that offers guidance in your journey of becoming an engineer.

7. ENGLISH CRUSH BOOKThe English books telegram channel of high quality and in pdf format.

8. ADDA247 EBOOKSA pdf telegram channel that provides ebooks on a daily basis. Books are shared on a daily routine. 

9. AUDIOBOOKS CLASSICSThis audiobook available in an audio format where you can listen to them on Spotify.

10. ENGLISH TENSES BOOKS- Here is the english tense books channel, where you can find Tense of English language in simple terms.

11. BOOKS MANIAMany of books and all are free.

12. IAS PREPARATION BOOKWho prepare the UPSC exam at a common place so that preparation for the exam becomes easy. Best IAS preparation Books channel.

13. PDF BOOKSThis channel is one of the top telegram channels for pdf books. All your needed books are available here.

14. COMEDY BOOKSOne of the best ebook channels where ebooks are available like comedy. So if you are a person who likes comic books then must join channel for you.

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15. WORLD OF PDF BOOK The all ebooks available are in format of pdf that you can download easily and free access to readers.

16. GRAMMAR EBOOKThis is English grammer book channel where you can see all your grammartical needs fulfil. All rules of English Grammer.

17. INDIA BOOKSHere, in this channel you can find all Indian author books at zero costs.

18. AUDIO SUNOAll books in audio format. You can heard easily with apps like spotify.

19. EBOOKS ONLY In this channel the books are uploaded in regular basis and helps you to find ebooks available easly.

20. HINDI NOVEL AND COMICSVery Famous or Popular Hindi book telegram channel with over high subscribers. Here you can find ebooks, comics as well as all sorts of novels in the Hindi language.

How to download Books from Telegram App

  • open telegram app
  • Tap on Search and enter the name of the book or category you want
  • open a friendly telegram channel
  • Find and tap on the eBook download link


There are numbers of benefits of reading books and E-readers & mobiles have become an easy source of book reading. Reading books and Novels is one of the best habit in my side. That’s why we give best Telegram channels for books pdf.

Don’t pay for online services like Amazon Kindle because you can access almost every book on the help of Telegram channels, you have to spend few minutes to find the What book you need.