The Best Ceiling Fans In India 2021

If you are looking for the Best Ceiling Fans In India 2021, Then you come to the right place. The Best Ceiling fans are one of the most common appliances in every household.

Best Ceiling Fans In India
Ceiling Fans In India 2021

Most homes have at least 2 or more ceiling fans and the number may be higher depending on the number of rooms in the home.

A ceiling fan is very inexpensive and consumes much less power than an air conditioner. To help you decide which fan is best for your home, we have prepared a list of ceiling fans in India.

The fact is that such fans are available in a variety of ways, and can certainly always be overwhelming to make the right choice.

However, it is important for you to understand some things that you should not ignore, which makes it very easy to choose stability while minimizing options.

List of Top 10 best ceiling fans in India 2021 with a full review.

  1. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)
  2. Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan (Brown)
  3. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High-Speed Fan in India
  4. Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 3 Blade – Ceiling Fan Of India
  5. Havells Nicola 1200mm – Best Ceiling Fan In India
  6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Swirl 1200mm (Best Ceiling Fan In India with Price)
  7. Bajaj Maxima 600mm Ceiling Fan (White)
  8. Usha Swift 1200 mm Ceiling Fan
  9. Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan (Brown)
  10. Eveready Fab High Speed 3 Blades Ceiling Fan (Cream)

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans In India – Top Rated Products

1.Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

The Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan is highly reliable and durable. This ceiling fan should of course be an option. Ceiling Fans In India under budget.

The best thing is that you can choose between colors as it is available in two dark colors. That way, when the dirt accumulates, it will not be visible.

The best thing is that these colors are great for mixing with your home decor. This fan is loaded with an all-strong copper motor and is known to offer the finest distribution of air ventilation and air thrust.

This is the main reason that it has gained popularity in terms of service through coolness and comfort. Powder coating also gives the fan a better life.

If you compare this product in the market, you will feel that it is quite beneficial compared to other products available in the market.


  • The efficient motor of copper
  • Better longevity and performance
  • Wide Blades for Higher Air Delivery and Thrust
  • An optimum airflow because of fan blades


  • No hassle in the installation process
  • Simple Design and is meant for a good lifestyle
  • Available in white and brown both color


  • limited warranty
  • Noises of the fan may sound a little weird
  • After 2 years it works less

2. Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan (Brown)

This is another and one of the best options that you can choose to buy. This fan comes with a large motor capacity. Compared to other products in which ceiling fans are available in the market, this is a Budget-friendly solution.

But there is no denying the fact that there are some features that you may have to explore because you will understand the use of the product.

If you are planning to buy this fan, then definitely your investment is totally worth it as it has a size that is suitable enough to fit your room. Best Ceiling Fans In India for home.


  • An instant comfort as you out this fan on
  • High-speed fan
  • simple design that would match the simple lifestyle
  • 3 blades that give quick results
  • 75 watts power
  • 2 years warranty


  • No noise
  • low cost
  • Best suited for families


  • When we operate it at slow speed, it may slow down
  • Not strong internal parts

3. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High Speed Best Ceiling Fan in India

This high-speed ceiling fan is another best option that can bring the best choice of styling. With a good design and superb performance, there is no doubt that such fans are also best suited for home and office also.

This fan is best designed to operate under low voltage conditions and ensures that there is also better air circulation. Luminous Fans In India with high speed.

The good thing is that it has a high speed and has aerodynamic blades that can last a lifetime and work best with spaces, as it freshens up.

This High-speed motor produces a high-speed rotation and ensures better heat dissipation. Best Ceiling Fans In India with low price.


  • A sturdy and great design
  • Turbo speed for better cooling effect
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • The built is quite strong
  • speed is wide enough for the breeze


  • No problem with sound
  • An optimum performance
  • Designed for high air delivery


  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • The internal parts may need to be changed
  • It is not sturdy in all ways as you may think

4. Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 3 Blade Best Ceiling Fan In India

This model is designed and manufactured by IIT Bombay Alumni. The best thing about this fan is that it is energy-efficient and consumes only 28 watts of power.

With great speed and full of features such as the all-powerful BLDC, sleeper mode, and time mode to name a few, there is no doubt that this is the best model you can come across.

It is available at a cost-friendly solution and will definitely add sheer comfort to your life. This fan is made from aluminum, due to which the problem of rust will not be a problem for you.

The fan is perfect for long-term use and in the bedroom. Best Ceiling Fans In India with remote.


  • blade size 1200 mm that covers an area approx up to 144 Sq. ft
  • Super Energy Efficient BLDC Motor


  • It has low heat loss
  • It has one smart motor turning algorithm
  • It has the best design of motor
  • Durable material
  • Stator and rotor design to not miss out


  • Quite cheap plastic remote
  • Not get repaired easily

5. Havells Nicola 1200mm – Best Ceiling Fan In India

If you are planning to deck your home and are looking for quality interiors of the living room or any other room, it is not just the performance that matters, but also the looks.

The best thing about Havells Nicola 1200mm – Fan in India Havells is that it offers both. It has a highly efficient motor, with 68W power is a smooth performer, and has the ability to provide good cooling at low voltages.


  • It is known for the Robust Built
  • There are exceptional colors to make the choice
  • Decorative trims on motor cover and blades
  • Uniform air circulation
  • Variations of 600mm, 900mm, and 1400mm are available
  • This contemporary design is made from Aluminium


  • Contemporary elegant design
  • Available in stunning color combinations
  • Metallic paint finish
  • Metallic paint finish enhances the overall look


  • Require frequent repairing
  • Not much warranty
  • Installation is not provided by the brand
  • Compared to the price, you may not expect the desired results

6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Swirl 1200mm (Best Ceiling Fan In India with Price)

Solimo has come with a wide range of the best ceiling fans which is also at a cost-friendly price. The best part is that even when these fans are available at a very cheaper price, you will not compromise on the quality.

This fan has got 3 blades with a sleek design and has excellent finishing that will definitely match your home décor. You can make choices from a wide range of colors that can match your home furniture and wall.

With a 2-year warranty on all parts, you can be assured to invest in this fan without any hassle. Comes at a very low price (The Best Ceiling Fans under 1000).


  • The cool air deliver breeze that too with 80 rpm high-speed fan
  • wide blades with the sweeping of 48 inches
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Built from metalized steel and aluminum
  • Smooth noiseless operation because of double ball bearing mechanism motor
  • The fan operates at 66 watts


  • Smooth noiseless operation
  • Energy-efficient with low power consumption
  • Double ball bearing for the best mechanism
  • low cost – Budget-friendly
  • Durability is lasting because it is built from metalized steel


  • This product requires installation
  • Deliver Air is not cool as we expected
  • Need frequently to repair the internal parts
  • The fan blades may look sturdy but you would have to keep calling the repair person for the longevity

7. Bajaj Maxima 600mm Ceiling Fan (White)

It is one of the most trusted and reliable companies that you can come across. This ceiling fan is also known for better styling. Bajaj – Fans in India for bedroom.

It is best suited for office, home, and business space. It offers a wide range of fan solutions, along with walls and tables. Best ceiling fans Bajaj.

But Bajaj’s Ceiling Fan is known for an energy-efficient solution with a better economy option that offers world-class performance and of course, it will look amazing.

So if you are eager to buy one, then make sure that you will decorate your home with Bajaj Fan today.


  • This ceiling fan comes with 600mm
  • A Double Ball Bearing
  • Superior Grade Aluminium Blades
  • A quick start torque motor
  • Less power consumption


  • noteworthy design
  • Strong breeze
  • High Speed
  • Value for money


  • weak internal parts
  • Frequent repairing is needed For better performance
  • Consumes more power

8. Usha Swift 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

The name USHA itself reflects the performance of this fan. This fan transmits cooling air to every corner of the room. ceiling fans in India under 1500.

There is a luminous force that is coated, due to which the fan has a premium penalty. The elegant brown color is fancy enough to complement the style or even to say your home décor.

It comes with a 1200 mm air sweep and is best suited for a compact bedroom or child’s room. You don’t really have to worry about money because the product is worth the investment without emptying your pockets.


  • Lift angle blade for wide air spread
  • Grade electric steel lamination
  • A glossy powder-coated paint


  • Not require much maintenance (Ignore parts)
  • The superior finishing promotes long life
  • It performs well at low voltage


  • The air cooling may take time
  • Consumes more energy
  • It will not work if there is no power even on the generator
  • The parts need heavy maintenance

9. Sameer 24 Gati High Speed Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Sameer is a trusted brand that has long been known to offer durable products. Now you can gear up for the future with the wider range ceiling fan collection that this company has come up with.

Known for its strong market presence, there is no doubt that Sameer has always been offering the best range of strong products. Best ceiling fans under 1000.

The best example of its quality product is undoubtedly the Sameer 24 inch Ceiling Fan. This fan is definitely a durable and reliable option, no matter what season you plan to use.

You get fresh air even when it has 50 watts of electricity. It comes with 4 blades which is why you get more effective and stronger air without any presence of pollution.

Not only is this fan-made from quality material but it also has a stylish design due to which you can definitely add to your home.


  • Designed with thermal overload protector
  • Aerodynamic blades
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Super speed of 850 R.P.M


  • Increased comfort
  • High-Performance Fan Blades
  • Ideal for contemporary make-over
  • smart energy-saving solution
  • Modern yet sleek styling


  • 1-year warranty. It means, if there is any replacement to be done post-warranty period, it can be quite costly
  • Sturdy internal parts, but it needs quite a lot of maintenance
  • The blades are not much powerful as that of other

10. Eveready Fab High Speed 3 Blades Ceiling Fan (Cream)

This fan ensures that you get better cooling and extra comfort. It is made with a mixture of quality ingredients that ensure you have a continuous cooling experience over a long period of time.

Now you can sit comfortably, deciding to choose this type of fan. The company takes customer service very seriously and that is why it is coming up with such an efficient product.

The product is known to offer fresh air that boasts a contemporary elegant design. It offers a timeless design that can look good from your office to home furnishings as well. Best Ceiling Fans In India 2020.


  • Aluminum motor body and blades
  • Double ball bearings
  • High Speed – 380 RPM


  • Unique Contemporary design
  • Ideal for home and office space
  • Most captivating and straightforward design
  • works as per its specifications


  • limited warranty period
  • It makes noise and rattle when the switch of the fan is on
  • Cheap Quality
  • You don’t get much air circulation
  • A slow rotation fan
  • Requires frequent maintenance.

List of Best Ceiling Fans in India 2021

Best ceiling fans in India
Best ceiling fans with price
Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm – Best Ceiling Fan (Color-Brown)₹ 1,399
Candes Star 1200mm /48-inch High-Speed Anti-dust Decorative…₹ 1,249
Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan (Brown) ₹ 1,379
ACTIVA 390 RPM 1200mm High-Speed BEE Approved 5 Star Rated…₹ 999
Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High-Speed Fan (Color-White)₹ 1,699
Amazon Brand – Solimo Swirl 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)₹ 1,199
Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye 1250mm, Dust-free Fan Sparkle…₹ 2,618
Luminous 1200MM New York Brooklyn 3 Blade Ceiling Fan (Ale…₹ 2,671
Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)₹ 1,385
Candes Star 1200mm /48-inch High-Speed Anti-dust Decorative…₹ 1,249

Best Ceiling Fans In India 2021

Ceiling fans in India are definitely the most ideal way by which you can keep the house cool in summer while still warm enough in winter.

Compared to advanced technologies like air conditioners, there is no doubt that this type of option is the most cost-effective solution that can help you maintain optimal temperatures and ensure that you get the best ventilation at all times.

There are some things that may confuse you when choosing ceiling fans in 2021 such as what type, color, finishing, and style of the ceiling fan to choose from.

There are also various functionalities and specifications that are required for different spaces be it indoor or outdoor or even residential or industrial. The decision can again be more challenging.

It is the ceiling fan, which makes the room scary and curved. In addition, it also helps to improve the decoration of the room when you look for a reliable yet efficient alternative.

As compared to the initial investment you can put in an air conditioner, this is the ceiling fan which is very cheap.

In addition, the best fans in India 2021 also have a power consumption that is actually lower than that of the air conditioner which will ultimately reduce the electricity bill.

If there is a power cut then you can use a ceiling fan with regular battery backup which if you AC, you will not be able to do so. In addition, ceiling fans can reduce your electricity bill.

Compared to a table fan or even a pedestrian, this is the ceiling fan that, once installed in the roof, will be absolutely safe.

This means, children will not be able to reach it and you can use it more safely. Since it is available in varieties, you may like it compared to other cooling equipment.

Experts will be there to help you when you visit the professional store of course. But it is always important to be clear about your ceiling fan budget, requirements, and many other things before buying the best fans in India.

Different Types of Ceiling Fans

Standard Ceiling Fans

It is one of the most popular and best ceiling fans available in the market. Perhaps, you can also install it in your place, but today you can get clear information about this ceiling fan.

This type of fan has received some characters such as a five-blade design, built with lightweight, easy installation on metal pipes connecting to the motor housing.

This may be the most versatile option. In addition, there are different refinements, colors, and materials to make your choice, regardless of how high the bill may be paid. There are lighter and lighter shades that can come with you that you can customize as per your preference without any hassle.

Low profile ceiling fan

Compared to regular standard size ceiling fans, it uses download for installation. It is also known as a low mass ceiling fan directly connected to the mountain bracket.

In this way, it expels them against sealing. In case, you have a room that is less than 8 feet in height, then this type of fan can be an ideal idea for you.

The only problem with such a PF is that it does not allow the same level of airflow to occur as in other options like a standard fan. This is the main reason why it does not have a powerful cooling capacity.

The best thing is that this type of fan is also available in a wide range of wide snow in terms of colors, finishing, and material, which makes it easy for you to customize.

Energy star ceiling fans

Energy star ceiling fans are one of the types of ceiling fan. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution, then this type of fan is the best option for you. Fans of this type will only meet the stringent regulations that have actually been set by the US Environmental Protection Governing Agency.

Such an agency handles an energy-efficient department that tests product quality and performance status. In addition, several other tests have been performed in laboratories. This type of fan can help you reduce your electricity bill.

Considering the Energy Star notes that this fan has received, it is well certified with an average of 40% higher energy efficiency than conventional lighting or fans.

This improved motor blade design offers the most efficient technology solution. This is the Energy star type of Ceiling Fans In India.

Dual motor ceiling fans

If you do not want to compromise the material and the dual motor ceiling fan styling is right for you. Known for the features of two adjustable fan heads, it is held in place with teddy horizontal bars that typically extend from the motor housing compact.

This type of fan is also known as a double head or twin ceiling fans. This fan makes bold design statements, regardless of which room it is privileged in.

In addition to their stylistic aesthetic, this fan is known for offering superior levels of functionality that most other traditional fans fail to offer.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan in India with Affordable Price

A brief guide that describes what to consider before purchasing the Best ceiling fans in India 2021:

Convenience: When you look around for the best ceiling fan in India, this should probably be the first thing you should consider. It is important to see how well the ceiling fan emits cool air.

In this way, the heat would be reduced by entering the house. Of course, you won’t want to spend the afternoon sitting at home, because your ceiling fan is not convenient.


The ceiling also works as a beautiful accessory at home due to the fan design. There are different sizes and designs of Ceiling Fans that you can make the right choice that will definitely match your home décor.

Make sure you pick the right and ceiling fans for the house and add something really beautiful to it. Anytime, if you compare a ceiling fan with an air conditioner, there is no doubt that the Best Ceiling Fans will always attract attention.


Make sure that you do not ignore this very important point when you consider your purchase option. The importance of taking a selfie can be useful for you in many ways.

The reason why you should go for Fans In India instead of an air conditioner is that in AC installation, you need the assistance of technical experts, but in the case of the Ceiling Fan, you can do it with the help of a member of your family.


This is another important thing when you plan to buy Ceiling Fans. If you buy a fan, there can be very little difference which is very small, and fix the tire. This will eventually make your room different as well.

Whereas the one that is too large can dissipate energy and even occupy a lot of space. The ceiling fan is basically measured according to the total diameter from the edge of one blade to another. Also, it is crucial to consider your fan height and make sure you have 7 to 8 feet off the floor.


Whatever fan application you bring in, it is important to consider the quality of the ceiling fan. Quality can often be quite expensive. There is a top of the line fan motor that comes with lubricating ball bearings and even ceiling. That means, you actually have to maintain the fan or not put oil in it.

In this way its durability and usability also increase. You should look for motors that have metal enclosures that prevent noise that usually comes from the fan.

If you plan to install the fan in a humid room compared to the bathroom and kitchen, do not go with the option that has fans with blades that can be interconnected. Rather go with different models. It is made from a set of quality ceiling fans blades that match some motors.


Recently a new feature has come out that has come in the following. This seems a fairly user-friendly solution. So if you want to use a fan you can opt for temperature adjustment stability. This means that you always have to change the speed up and down.

There is another feature also called light kit which means that if overhead lighting is important then you can select a fan with such an option. If you have a long ceiling room or a lot of space, you can choose the centralized wall control option. This lets you change the rotation, turn on the lights, and also the speed.


Here, we will discuss the Best Ceiling Fans In India 2021 and the price of ceiling fans. I give a list of it with the price. I also give a guide for buying the Ceiling Fan In India.

I hope it helps you to choose one of the Best Fans In India.

Thank You…

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