Top 10 Best High-Speed Ceiling Fan In India 2021 – Complete Review

If you are looking for the Best High-Speed Ceiling Fan In India 2021 with price then we are here. There is an electronic device, which does a lot with your comfort throughout the year, but it is totally ignored. Yes, we will talk about it! The Best High-Speed Ceiling Fan In India.

Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India

The Ceiling fans are responsible for circulating indoor air and making your space comfortable and cool. However, most people do not really take this device seriously because they buy it without even knowing about its important features.

So, to make your purchase more significant and effective, we have listed the best roof fans in India available online. Although the ceiling fan is the most essential part of our home, most people focus on lighting to reduce their electricity bills, but the fan consumes a lot more than light.

But choosing the Best High Speed Ceiling Fans In India that produces good air thrust at an affordable price, and has a long life, can take a lot of effort. So to help you, here we have compiled a list of the Best High Speed Ceiling Fans In India for Domestic 2020.

There are many ceiling fans, varieties and brands available in the market in today’s era that confuse you. If you are looking for a cost-effective, high performance and even a little stylish, choosing the right ceiling fan can be a tedious task.

Your search can end here if you are looking for the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India for your home. Here we are helping you to choose the Best High Speed Ceiling Fans In India for Domestic 2020 that meets your requirement.

Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India 2021 – Detailed Analysis

1.Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm – Best Ceiling Fan (Brown)

If you are looking for the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India that is very reliable and long-lasting, then the Orient Electric Apex 1200mm Ceiling Fan will help you get exactly what you want.

This ceiling fan is offered in 2 different colors with both able to enhance the decor of the room. Equipped with a strong and durable copper motor, Orient’s electric apex offers a great air delivery as well as air thrust for comfort.

In addition, the ceiling fan comes with a powder coating, which makes the fans more durable and elegant as far as looks are concerned. This is the best ceiling fans in India under 1500.

Top Features on Offer:

  • Durable and efficient copper motor
  • Superior thrust and wider blades air delivery
  • Noiseless whole operation with double ball bearing
  • With help of ribbed aluminum blades, it Delivers extra air to a bigger space


  • Super-efficient copper motor
  • Wider blades for higher air delivery


  • Really simple and modest design

2. Havells Nicola 1200mm – Best Ceiling Fan For Home (Gold Mist and Copper)

Every time people come up with strategies to beautify the interior of their home, they are inclined to choose the best high-speed fan that not only works decently but also looks a little different.

The only reason people have this thought process as ceiling fans provide the obvious comfort in addition to complementing your room décor. Similarly, the Havells Nicola (Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India 2021) is a combination of attractive looks and imposing functionality.

Equipped with a high-efficiency motor coupled with 68W power, this fan is undoubtedly smooth-running, offering an astonishing level of ventilation at a significantly lower voltage.

Top Features on Offer:

  • Ideal fan for home and office space
  • Offers air delivery for bigger rooms
  • Keeps your electricity bills less
  • Stylish design for any type of home or office décor


  • Exceptional air delivery
  • Offers twin canopy arrangement


  • Makes a clicking sound at times

3. Orient Electric Adena 1200mm Decorative Ceiling Fan (Pearl Metallic White/Chrome)

If elegance and style along with superior performance are all you want, the Orient Electric Adena ceiling fan is one of the best choices to buy.

This ceiling fan offers you a choice of 2 different finishes, as well as a glossy lacquer coating. When planning the interiors, there is nothing more to ask for that matches your office or bedroom décor.

Speaking of performance and operation, this ceiling fan has been outfitted with a powerful copper motor along with wider ribbed blades for superior air delivery and thrust.

Top Features on Offer:

  • It offers the Advanced PSPO Technology to cool a larger area
  • Aluminum blades with a metallic finish for offering grander aesthetics
  • Equipped with highly top-grade copper motor
  • Even during voltage outages, It Provides a standard flow of air  


  • Advanced PSPO technology
  • Chrome finish decorative canopy


  • Even at low speed-setting, It Spins fast

4. Crompton HLB1200BRN-WOR Hill Briz 1200mm – Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India (Brown)

In case you are looking for the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India solely to improve the level of ventilation inside your home, the next ceiling fan on our list is just for you!

With a ribbed aluminum body, the Crompton Hill Briz ceiling fan offers an innovative angle that feeds it to provide additional air throughout the room. Best ceiling fan in India under 1500.

The dominant motor has been reinforced with the double ball bearing to ensure smooth operation while reducing noise. With a power consumption of 75W, this Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India Crompton offers an invariable but instantaneous cooling experience.

Top Features on Offer:

  • Ultimate cooling with dominant speed
  • A minimal amount of noise with double ball bearing
  • Pretty easy to clean with a strong body frame
  • It comes with a long-lasting rod for diminished vibration


  • Powerful motor with double-ball bearing
  • Supreme air delivery with Aluminum Blades


  • Not a decorative ceiling fan

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5. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm – Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India (White)

Looking for the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India that offers a complete package? The Luminous Dhoom ceiling fan is here to bring the best of style, amazing design, and quality performance at your disposal.

This ceiling fan has been designed to operate even when there is a voltage fluctuation and to maximize air circulation. Due to the aerodynamic blades, the Luminous Dhoom tends to offer superior air delivery and thrust.

So this high speed ceiling fan will add life to your room or office as it cools and refreshes all the edges. In addition, the body of the motor, as well as the blades, have been made of non-corrosive material for greater durability.

Top Features on Offer:

  • High-speed motor for advanced performance
  • Offers non-metallic high-gloss paint finish
  • Quite elegant for any space with a simple design
  • Even during voltage fluctuations, It delivers optimal performance

Aspects to Admire:

  • A dust-repellant ceiling fan
  • Anti-corrosive aluminum blades

Aspects to Blame:

  • little noisy in full-speed setting

6. Gorilla Efficio 1200mm 3-Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote Control – White

The next Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India on our list is the most energy-efficient fan on the market right now!

Yes, it is a Gorilla Effio sealing fan, which consumes barely 28W of power when operated in the highest setting. Best ceiling fans in India under 3000 with remote.

This ceiling fan is equipped with a powerful and smart BLDC motor, which will play an important role in making this fan super-efficient.

In addition, with some smart features like timer mode, sleep mode, and boost mode, this ceiling fan definitely gives comfort. Each single gorilla fan is made using aluminum; Therefore, these fans are completely rust-proof and last a very long time.

Top Features on Offer:

  • Offers BLDC motor for lesser power consumption
  • It has Gorilla Ceiling Fan functions 3-times longer on an inverter
  • It offers an amazing air delivery for an instant cooling experience
  • Provides timer mode, sleep mode, and boost mode for convenience


  • Comprises a smart remote with timer
  • 5-star rated BLDC motor


  • When switched on, Fan starts really slow

7. Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm 80-Watt – Best high speed ceiling fan in India 2021 (Silver Sage)

Do you want to buy the best high speed ceiling fan in India that tends to offer top-notch aesthetics at a decent price? Introducing the Usha Striker Galaxy Ceiling Fan that comes with the lacquer metallic paint finish to complement the overall décor of your room or workplace.

This ceiling fan provides the user with a broader air distribution due to the large angle of elevation and the aerodynamic design of the blades. Best ceiling fans in India under 3000.

In addition, with the V2 double ball bearing, this ceiling fan has been designed for durability and quiet operation. Other than that, the high-quality electric steel lamination adds to the durability of this ceiling fan.

Top Features on Offer:

  • It quite amazingly even during voltage outages
  • Beautifully manufactured
  • Silent operation with the V2 Double Ball Bearing
  • 2-years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Best quality electric steel lamination
  • Really Quiet & Silent operation with V2-grade ball bearing


  • Isn’t a dust-proof ceiling fan

8. Crompton Greaves Uranus 1200mm – Best Ceiling Fan Crompton (Black)

The best high speed ceiling fan in India Crompton has certainly been a decent solution to counter the summers in India. Choosing Crompton ceiling fans provides you with the right balance when it comes to both aesthetics and utility.

The Crompton Uranus ceiling fan comes in superbly detailed carving to offer a royal interior décor. The advanced metallic finish along with the exquisite blade motifs add to the elegant design of the ceiling fan.

Additionally, decorative lampshades meet your lighting needs while enhancing the overall utility of the fan. The lampshades, as well as the fan speed, can be easily controlled with the pull cables.

Top Features on Offer:

  • An amazing gold finish design for your interior
  • Comes with 4 blades and 3 lampshades arrangement
  • Provides 4 different motion settings to add convenient contact
  • Deliver air in every corner


  • Pull cords for speed and light control
  • Glorious carvings for a royal design


  • Doesn’t include bulbs for the lamps

9. Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan with Light, 5 Blade, 48 inch (With Remote)

For all of you who want to buy the best high speed ceiling fan in India 2020 with a very elegant look with remote support, then Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan is your way to go!

This ceiling fan is equipped with a high-quality motor to meet your ventilation needs throughout the year. The Hans Lighting Fan comes with strong hanging rope functionality to control the speed of fans and lights.

Next, it ensures that you are in good sound even at peak settings or speed due to its super-quiet performance.

Top Features on Offer:

  • Offers a royal look to your home or office
  • Comes with the 4-blade 3-lampshade arrangement
  • It includes a remote control to take care of the lighting and the fan speed.
  • 2-years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Equipped with a super-silent motor
  • 5 metal-blades arrangement with light


  • Doesn’t offer a higher air delivery

10. Luminous New York Hudson 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Midnight Black)

The next best high speed ceiling fan in India with a price option on our catalog offers a beautiful blend of trend and modern design.

New York Hudson of Luminous Fans gives your home a fashionable posh metropolitan look. Moreover, the design of this high-speed ceiling fan is externally inspired by New York’s urban modern-day look.

Other than that, the high-quality ABS motor cover design mimics the oysters that you tend to find in the ocean. Moreover, the innovative 3-part motor design, coupled with stationary covers, provides a comfortable view while the ceiling fan is operated to provide a comfortable cooling experience. best ceiling fans in India under 3000.

Top Features on Offer:

  • Posh and fashionable metropolitan look
  • Durability with the super-insulated copper wiring
  • Provides ventilated air due to 14-pole motor
  • Provides anti-rust properties and high heat dissipation


  • Posh & trendy metropolitan appearance
  • Durable super-insulated copper motor


  • Doesn’t come with a speed regulator

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What is the difference between 5-blade and 4-blade High-speed ceiling fans?

The primary difference between 4-blade and 5-blade High-speed ceiling fans is personal preference and aesthetics. On the contrary, as far as the laws of physics are concerned, they reveal a slight difference in the operation of the ceiling fans equipped with different numbers of blades.

Adhering to the rules, by increasing the number of blades, the fans tend to remain one touch quieter and give less air circulation. The complementary blade stimulates the pull felt by the ceiling fan motor and makes it work slower.

This may be considered an aspect that is why industrial fans usually come up with a configuration of 2 or 3 blades. After that, they will be able to move faster and spread more air and the sound will definitely not be a concern.

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Most ceiling fans designed for home use make a standard adjustment of 4-5 blades. In addition to having a balanced look, it is at the 5-blade and 4-blade levels that the perfect balance between the amount of air dissipated and the surrounding noise produced is complete which is tolerable.

At the present time, probably. It is not possible that as far as fans with more or less blades are concerned you experience many differences in performance.

Developments in the general design of roof fans for the home, lower-drag blade shape, balance, and pitch ensure that roof fans offering numerous blades are able to perform their function perfectly.

Even if you choose a roof with a spacious seven-blade adjustment, you can be sure that it will still work properly.

What is the function of the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan In India?

Basically talking about the work of the ceiling fan, it works by spinning a pitched blade. This pitched blade then produces airflow which delivers optimal air circulation; So, helps to enjoy a comfortable and cool setting at home or office fees. The feeling of coolness, undeniably, is only due to the movement of the fans.

The Best High-Speed Ceiling Fan in India will evenly distribute hot or cooled air to the efficiency of your air conditioner or heating system. Moreover, it should be noted that the ceiling fan can not only change its own room temperature. Furthermore, there are numerous different aspects that play an important role in helping the function of the ceiling fan properly and effectively.

So, if you want to get rid of that old-fashioned ceiling fan in your room or want one for your new room or building, here’s your chance to pull off the best model!


With the conclusion of the detailed analysis, we assume that it will now be comparatively easy for every user who wants to buy a ceiling fan in India.

The sole purpose of breaking down the best options available in the market is to help you get the best quality products according to your needs and preferences.

Therefore, throughout all the selection process, we have also placed great emphasis on the criterion of “value for money”.

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In addition, when churning out the final 10, special attention was paid to the budget or price point of the ceiling fans so that each user could find the High-Speed Ceiling Fan in India that falls within their budget.

Thus, we have listed below the best roofs of all categories, types, and designs featuring the best features, durability, performance, and cooling experience. So, what are you waiting for? Deals Choose your ultimate Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India now to hold the best deals and offers available online.

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