The Best Place to Install Split AC in Bedroom 2021

You thought to install a split air conditioner in the bedroom. So, I talked to the installer and did some research about how to find the best place to install split AC in Bedroom?

Best Place to Install Split AC in Bedroom
best place to install split AC in Bedroom

I found that the best place to install a Split Air Conditioner in the bedroom is directly above the bed. For special bedrooms, the best AC in India should be installed at approximately 2,100 mm to 2,199 mm or 100 mm from the ceiling.

What many people didn’t realize was that installing the AC in the wrong place can cause discomfort and bad use of Air conditioners performance & efficiency. After all, paying more than you need to pay your electricity bills

Why need the best Place to install split AC in Bedroom?

Placement related breaks in split AC can take many shapes and forms. This may include overheated outdoor units, coolant difficulties at irregular temperatures.

Spending hundreds of dollars to buy new units and installing them, eventually result in renting an air conditioning service. Burn-out split ACs also require frequent maintenance and expensive repairs.

Split AC requires precise consideration and preventive maintenance by an experienced air conditioning service, to keep it running smoothly Split A.C. Here are the essential factors to consider when determining the best place to install split AC in the room:

The air conditioner will not blow directly on your face

Many people prefer to blow their air conditioners directly on their bodies. For a while, it feels good with strong winds. But, by constantly blowing cold air on your face during sleep, the air conditioner does more harm than good.

I remember when I was younger, my air conditioner used to blow cold air all over my face all night. Moreover, it was a non-inverter type air conditioner. Every time the compressor kicks, it explodes cold air at full capacity.

I couldn’t stand it and I had to cover my face with my blanket or turn it into my sleeping position. Turning over the air conditioner blade only helps a bit as the cold air still falls on my face.

When the air conditioner traps cold air directly on your body, it removes heat and moisture at a rapid rate. Thus, you may feel very cold and other problems like dry skin, dry lips and headaches may arise after waking up in the morning. You may not realize that it affects the quality of your sleep.

This is the First best place to install split AC in bedroom. The air conditioner can also be installed next to the bed until it blows directly on your face.

He height and other metrics when installing air conditioners

The ceiling height in a typical bedroom is about 2,700 mm to 3,000 mm. For ease of service, the air conditioner should be installed at a height of approximately 2,100 mm to 2,400 mm as the filter of the air conditioner should be cleaned every 2 to 3 months depending on the air quality.

If the ceiling height in your bedroom is low, you need to leave a distance of 100 mm between the air conditioner and your ceiling to allow enough space for a good return flow. Otherwise, you will strain the air conditioner and it will not run as efficiently.

Moreover, due to the small distance between the air conditioner and the ceiling, insects can collect as they want to hide in dark and tight spaces. Split AC indoor unit installation height.

These germs can get into the air conditioner. Then, they will get stuck inside the cooling coil and you will need to clean them. Awesome.

No object in front of the AC

I saw some air conditioners installed over the bedroom closet. It’s almost like hiding over a closet. This will cause bad airflow which will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner in India.

Some air conditioners have motion detection sensors where they control energy consumption based on movement. When the cupboard is placed in front of the sensor, it obstructs the probe and this spoils its energy-saving function.

The distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the split air conditioner

The max distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the split air conditioner is about 15 meters. For a typical bedroom, this is usually more than enough to allow your indoor unit to be installed in the perfect location.

Most installers quote you on an air conditioner installation is a back-to-back installation where it only includes a short length of refrigerant pipe. They usually retain their value if the indoor unit and outdoor unit are about 1 to 2 feet apart.

Beyond that, they will start charging some extra fees. Check with your installer before starting work to avoid any later arguments.

Location of outdoor unit of split air conditioner

Ideally, a split air conditioner outdoor unit should be installed in a shaded area. I have listed some of the effects of temperature on air conditioners here in my previous article. The location of the outdoor unit has little effect on the air conditioner, especially on the efficiency of the air conditioner.

However, the priority will still be the refrigerant pipe length and ease of service. You need to regularly service your air conditioner’s outdoor unit to maintain good efficiency and performance.

How to Place the Air conditioner At Home?

It is crucial to install the AC in the right place in your bedroom as it not only affects your health, but it is also very messy to replace it.

1. Consider the dimensions of the room

Improper placement of split AC can negatively affect its cooling, leading to disappointing results. Eventually shown as increased energy bills that eat up on your savings. This is the first thing to the best place to install split AC in bedroom.

Effective placement of indoor units can save homeowners 10% of their electricity bill. A place that lasts for years without air conditioning service can also extend the proper placement.

It is advisable to consider the size, dimensions and layout of the room before installing split AC. Indoor units work best when the flow of the room can be directed evenly through the layout of the room. Indoor units manage the distribution of cooled air and work to remove moisture in the air.

So to improve the efficiency of this work and allow better air flow, it is ideal to place an indoor unit in the center of the room. In an asymmetrical room, it can be difficult to confirm the center. In such cases, place the AC in a shaded area, leaving a distance of 15 cm around it. This can take proper airflow around the indoor unit.

2. Keep free from obstruction

Also, the best air conditioning service will inform you to keep the cooled airflow free from obstructions. Split AC can get cooling in two rooms at a time if placed in the right position. Effective cooling requires air to move directly from one to the other.

Place the AC in an obstruction-free location such as a wall or pillar. Anything that gets in its way also blocks the flow of cold air. This means that any large furniture, plant or wall placed in front of the AC louver can reduce cooling and make it work harder.

Keep objects and objects preferably one foot away from the split AC indoor unit. You can maintain as much cooling in the room as the area around the AC.

3. Keep away from the heat source

Sometimes homeowners complain that their AC is not cooling at its best. As a result, homeowners run it longer than it is at room temperature. This can lift a hole in the homeowner’s wallet.

This problem can often be solved by determining the heat sources in the room and keeping the split AC away from them. Heat can be burning in Dallas and direct sunlight from the windows can affect the performance of the AC.

Hot light bulbs attached to the side of the AC can also affect the performance of the split AC. In the worst case scenario, the unit may break the air conditioning service requiremenT. Place the split in the shaded area for effective cooling.

This saves up to 10% on energy consumption.

4. He adjusts height and direction

To get the best cooling out of split AC’s indoor cooling units, place it over the seating area. You can also place it directly on your bed or sofa. You can also direct the position of the louver on the area you want to cool. This ensures that maximum cooling reaches you.

Split AC requires regular preventive maintenance and air conditioning service. So place a split AC to reach a comfortable and easy height for the technician.

A maximum height of 8 to 10 feet above the ground is sufficient for most cleaning purposes.

5. Choose a dry and ventilated location for the outdoor unit

How to install the outdoor unit of AC. Split AC outdoor units have indoor systems that are typically placed in direct sunlight. A dry and shaded area is an ideal place to place outdoor units. This protects the unit from overheating and breakage. Air conditioner placement of outdoor unit.

A well-ventilated area will ensure that the outdoor unit performs well. Barrier-free open spaces will also allow better air circulation. Ideally, one should be kept one foot away from each budget unit. This includes any exterior walls surrounding the plant or outdoor unit.

In addition, indoor and outdoor units need to be kept within the minimum distance between them. This allows a reduction in cooling losses. When determining the location, make sure that the distance does not exceed 15 meters. The best location for AC outdoor unit.

This will make your split AC work best for bedrooms, which need fewer repairs and air conditioning service. This is the fifth thing to consider the ideal place to install split AC in the bedroom.

Choose an expert for seamless installation

Finding an ideal place to put your AC can be a trick. The process can be simplified with the right guidance. Renting the best air conditioning service will give you the best knowledge.

install split AC
install split AC

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we specialize in providing prompt and seamless air conditioning service. We resolve all concerns regarding repairs, installation, and replacement which eliminates installation difficulties.

Here, I give a complete guide and tips about considering the best place to install split AC in the bedroom and the Best position for Air conditioners in the living room.

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