5 Best Air Conditioner Remote App 2022 For Phone – How to Control AC With Phone

If your smartphone comes with an IR blaster, you will be able to control them easily with the Best Air Conditioner Remote App 2022.

Best Air Conditioner Remote App 2021
Best AC Remote App 2022

If you are connected to the same wireless network, you will be able to control some smart devices with your smartphone, but it will not be the same.

You need to download the best Air conditioner app and start to control your AC with a phone.

Some Best AC remote Apps are:

1. ASmart Remote IR

The app can control multiple devices, including TVs, air conditioners, DSLR cameras, and projectors. First Best Air Conditioner Remote App for Android.

ASmart Best AC Remote App

A search by the brand feature makes it easy to locate the device you need to operate. This app is not compatible with Sony brand’s devices.

2. AnyMote – Smart Remote Control

The Best AC remote app for Android. In this App, you connect all the devices and DSLR & Air conditioners also.

AnyMote best AC Remote App

The AnyMote app enables the user to control their smart home easily. IR and Wi-Fi devices such as TVs, gaming consoles, media players, lights, cameras, etc. can be connected to this (universal) Best 1 ton Air conditioner remote app for phones.

The Amazon Echo voice command receives and functions. AnyMote “The motto of any device. A remote” Explains everything and is very judicious.

Once you install the application and open it, a list of options appears from which you can choose your device, then brand, and finally check the remote.

Once the remote is selected, you can control the device using your smartphone. This app is available for all Android devices. Second, Best Air Conditioner Remote App to control AC with phone.

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3. SURE Universal Remote

The app works with IR and also wireless devices like TV, AC, Set-Top Box, etc. One thing I liked about the app is that you can easily switch between remotes.


SURE is a universal and best air conditioner remote app that supports any wireless protocol. This app works perfectly for Android phones and easily connects to Wi-Fi and IR.

Once the connection is stable, TVs, set-up boxes, air conditioners, DVDs, projectors, media streamers, AV receivers, consoles, and even files can be copied.

A device can be connected by selecting “ADD DEICE” at the top right of the screen. Selecting it will provide a choice of smart remote or traditional remote, then a list of devices.

Once it is selected, the list of brand names appears on the phone screen. Upon selecting the brand of your product, you have to test the remote and save the appropriate one.

Amazon Alexa receives voice commands and works accordingly. The app is available for free on Google Play Store and 9apps Store. Third, Best Air Conditioner Remote App to control AC with your phone.

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4. Mi Universal Remote App:

Mi Universal AC Remote App can help you to control your Air Conditioners, TV set, camera, DVD, AC, projector, etc. Fourth universal and Best Air Conditioner Remote App in 2020.

MI universal Remote App
Mi Universal Remote controller

This app developed by Xiaomi is easy to use and the best thing is that there is no pop-up advertisement. Like other apps, one has to select the device, then test the remote for the brand and proper functioning. Universal remote app for voltas, O general, and all brand AC remote.

MI universal AC Remote App
MI Remote App

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The fifth Best AC Remote App is below.

Best AC Remote App to Control Multiple ACs

A control air conditioner with the phone, how to control the air conditioner with the android phone

Thanks to the universal Best Air Conditioner Remote App, you can control many air conditioners from your mobile phone! This means that you do not need a separate app or a separate user profile for each of your devices.

A single user profile can accommodate controllers for the entire house, as well if any is installed in your office, rental or vacation home! The equipment can be named bedroom, kitchen, lounge, kids room, etc. as per your choice.

The control screen for your favorite options

The main control screen for the Cielo Home app lets you complete the overall functions of your AC from your phone.

After clicking on the specific AC that you want to control, you can control key functions from the control screen, without having to navigate across the screen. Swing, fan speed, temperature control, operating modes, main power on / off, and some miss call features (depending on the AC model) such as the lights in your AC unit can all be controlled from one screen!

Monitor your AC temperature from your phone

You can not only control your air conditioner using your phone, but you can also monitor the current room and humidity levels! This is great if you are not at home but would still like to monitor the temperature. You can pre-turn your AC based on these readings.

This feature is also useful if you have a beloved pet at home, and want to maintain the right temperature for your furry friends. Here, you monitor your AC temperature from Best Universal Remote App.

Relax mode for ultimate comfort

Set intelligent triggers for AC using your phone. AC phone control, Control air conditioner with phone, how to control ac with android phone

Set an intelligent trigger for AC using your phone. Air conditioner remote android App, control the AC with a phone, how to control ac with the android phone.

The major Compi mode by Cielo Wigle enables the user to automate their room environments based on temperature or humidity settings by setting intelligent triggers. These pre-set triggers are continuously monitored by on-device sensors and activated once they reach the required level.

As an example, a user can tune their Comfort mode so that when the temperature reaches below 72oF, the AC will turn off, and if it goes above 77oF, the AC will turn on in cooling mode.

Additional settings, such as fan speed, AC mode, swing settings, and more can be specified. You can adjust your ideal humidity levels. Relax mode is the feature of this Remote App.

There are some real-world applications of Comfy Mode, where you can set your favorite triggers at bedtime. Comfy automatically adjusts the temperature or humidity of your room for you while simultaneously maintaining your environment.

Furthermore, with Comfy’s intelligent triggers, you can set an ideal environment for your pet and let the triggers maintain their perfect environment even when they are not home. Compy mode limits inefficient and overuse of air conditioning by making automatic adjustments, keeping your home comfortable, and saving energy at the same time.

This feature is available under the “My Rules” tab within your device on the Cielo Home app.

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Weekly scheduling

Set schedules on your air conditioner with phone. Control air conditioner with phone, how to control ac with android phone.

Set the schedule on your air conditioner with the phone. A 7-day schedule can be set if you are controlling your AC from your smartphone! In other words, you can set a timer on your AC using your phone.

These schedules can be tuned to automatically perform pre-determined actions throughout the week.

For example, you can set the AC to run in cool mode from noon to evening and then go into fan mode for the night. Specific hours may be set for each mode of operation.

You can adjust the temperature, operating mode, fan speed, swing position and more. An example of weekly scheduling might be that you set your AC to operate in heat mode from 7 am to 8 am. That way, when you wake up at Mirchi at 7:15 am, the room is already warm enough!

Location-based control with geofencing

Control air conditioner with phone, how to control ac with android phone, enable geofencing

The best air conditioner remote App to control AC with the phone, how to control AC with Android-phone, enable geofencing.

Leaving home in a hurry? Forgot to turn off AC? No need to worry. When activated, the geofencing mode automatically turns your AC on or off when you are at a certain distance from your home.

This distance can be changed from 1 mile to 10 miles, depending on your convenience. It makes your life a lot easier! When controlling AC with Android or iOS phones do not forget to leave your AC.

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Turbo mode for turbo cooling or heating

Get instant turbo cooling through Cielo smart AC controllers from your phone.

Get instant turbo cooling from your phone via Cielo Smart AC Controllers – Air Conditioner Remote App for Phone.

Turbo mode lets you instantly bring your room to the desired temperature with a push of a button. The Cielo Home App easily allows you to operate the turbo mode of your air conditioner from your phone!

AC works overtime in this mode, at the lowest or highest temperature at full fan speed. This mode is only compatible with air conditioner models that offer turbo mode as a built-in feature.

Even though turbo mode is most closely associated with cooling, you can also use it to achieve maximum heat power. Check your air conditioner’s user manual, and if your AC offers turbo mode, the Cielo Home app will have a turbo icon on the device’s control screen.

Freeze protection

FP can be used in heat mode that protects your air conditioner from freezing to maintain indoor temperatures at a suitable value such as 46 ° F to run at minimum temperatures.

It is extremely useful for rooms or vacation homes that are not in use during winter and are susceptible to damage such as freezing and / or bursting of water pipes. As with Turbo Mode, if your air conditioner supports freeze protection, you can take advantage of it through your phone!

Air filter status

Check the air filter status of your air conditioner from your phone. It is important to keep your AC in top condition! The Cielo Home app tracks the use of your AC air filter while controlling your AC using your phone and reminds you when it needs cleaning.

The status of the air filter to keep a fresh environment in your home is important. In addition, a dirty air filter can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner, and it needs to consume more power.

Usage statistics

How to control AC with the phone? Save energy by checking the history of air conditioner usage.
Through this tab, you can audit your connected AC / heat pump usage. One of the great features of the Remote App.

By getting a bird’s eye view of your usage, you can become aware of patterns of energy use throughout the season, and fix your movements to keep the bills down. Through the app, daily, weekly, and monthly usage statistics are available for viewing.

Smart home integration

In this day and age where convenience is required, the Cielo Smart AC controllers, as well as the o Cielo Home ‘app, let you control your air conditioner or heat pump with simple voice commands.

Temperature Range Control for House Rentals

Temperature range control for home rentals. Control AC with phone.

Temperature range control for house rentals. Best AC remote app to control ac with phone.
The app provides the facility to restrict the end-user within a certain temperature range.

For example, being the owner of a rental house, you will not want to run the AC at 68 degrees all day and night. That way, the end-user will not be able to operate your AC at any other temperature!

Be notified with notification

The air conditioner notification system is the best Smart AC Controller system. Control AC with phone. No one wants to miss important information and the Cielo Home app does not allow you to.

Convenient notifications and popups keep you up to date with the daily tasks of your AC. If your air filter needs to be changed when you turn on your air conditioner, the temperature changes, and when it becomes too high, you will be notified when your air conditioner is on when you turn it on.

Zone control

Air conditioner zones control with smartphone application. Control AC with phone.

The air conditioner zone controls with a smartphone application. Control AC with the phone.
In a household, the heating or cooling preferences of family members always vary. Different rooms in apartments have different temperature needs.

You can cool it down a bit, your parents want it a little tastier. Your basement is colder than you as always, while the scaffolding is just right. These are examples of heating and cooling challenges that a standard HVAC may not always handle thus requiring HVAC zoning systems.

Many devices in your home can be grouped in a few easy steps. Then with a tap of an icon, multiple ACs in a certain area can be turned on or off at once!

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Here, I give details of the 5 Best Air Conditioner Remote App 2022 For Phone – How to Control AC With Phone For Phone and briefly discuss How to Control AC With Phone?

In addition, I give the download link for these 5 Best AC Remote App for Android.

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