Voltas India’s Best And No.1 Brand for Air Conditioners

Voltas India is a 60-year-old consumer and the best electronics company in the world. It is a subsidiary company of the TATA group. Voltas claims to be the no. 1 air conditioner brand in India with experience in air conditioners, air coolers, refrigerators, water coolers, and water dispensers.

Voltas India AC
Voltas India AC

With large distribution centers and strong satisfied consumers across the country, Voltas is in its vision of creating value through smart engineering.

Voltas Limited is a six decades old company with experience in air conditioning and refrigeration technology. The company is structured broadly in project and product business.

The project business is classified into the Domestic Projects Group (DPG) and the International Operations Business Group (IOBG).

While the products business is classified into Unitary Products Business Group (UPBG), Mining and Construction Equipment Division (MCED), and Textile Machinery Division (TMD).

The Unitary Products business group is found in several product categories, including best air conditioners, air coolers, commercial refrigerators, water coolers, and water dispensers.

Voltas is the no. 1 AC in India and has the largest infrastructure that helps us better serve our customers across the country. Voltas is the world’s best performance ac brands ranker.

Top Most Reasons to buy Voltas Air Conditioner in 2020-21

Top reasons to buy voltas AC

The Voltas India Unitary Products Business Group is present in the refrigeration appliance business in the B2C and B2B space.

The official website of this Brand, Voltas claims to be a six-decade brand and was founded in the year 1954. Voltas Unit Products Business Group has pioneered the concept of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and has a number of first pitches. throughout our period of existence.

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In 2006, Voltas launched “India Ka Dil”, “India Ka AC”, where the brand built on its Indian roots and heritage in the air conditioning category.

Legacy of Voltas – India’s No.1 Air Conditioner Brand

1969 – Installation of India’s first integrated air conditioning manufacturing plant
1984 – Launch of India’s first split air conditioner
1993 – First-floor split air conditioner launched in India
2000 – Launch of India’s first less than a one-ton air conditioner
2007 – Pioneered the concept of star ratings in air conditioners, which was later made mandatory by BEE for the entire industry.

2008 – Launch of India’s first corner split air conditioner: In 2008, Voltas embraced cause marketing through the “Jagmag Desh Mera” campaign recognizing the urgent need for low cost of operation desired by consumers and appealed to the spirit of philanthropy through his contribution to rural lighting.

2012 – Launch of the range of all-weather air conditioners

2015 – Launch of the Fresh Air Coolers range. Voltas also launched its range of Smart ACs that can be operated from anywhere using Wi-Fi and Infrared technology. Smart Murthy can outwit his father-in-law using Smart AC.

2016 – Launch of the Voltas All Star Inverter range of air conditioners: In 2016, Voltas launched its range of Inverter AC as “All-Star” with the value proposition of ‘Run 2 AC at the cost of 1’, which helped to demystify the concept of AC Inverter in the minds of consumers.

The Gupta and Sharma families learned the lesson of not squeezing their families into one room with the ulterior motive of using only 1 AC.

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In 2017, Voltas increased its All-Star value proposition by adding the All-Weather benefit and launched Voltas All Star Inverter AC. The consumer could run the air conditioner all year round and save more.

Murthy’s neighbors like to spend more time in their home than theirs, as it has Voltas All Star Inverter AC, which provides the double benefit of all-weather comfort as well as savings.

2018: India’s first window AC with inverter technology India.

Voltas India – Awards and Recognitions

Voltas has won numerous awards over the years for its expertise in air conditioning product innovation and technology.

2012 and 2015 – Effie Awards – most effective marketing communication campaign
2014 – World Advertising Research Council – effectiveness of marketing communication.
2013 and 2015 – National Energy Conservation Award – Highest sales of energy-efficient air conditioners in India.
2016 – ET Best Corporate Brands

2017 – Voltas received the award for “Best Supplier Brand in the Durable Consumer Goods Category” in 2017, from Walmart.

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