Which is the Best Indian AC Company in 2021? | Indian AC Company Name

Hello guys, you are looking for the Best Indian AC company name 2021 that sells air conditioners and they are all located in India. So, here is a list of Air Conditioner Company’s that are all ‘Made in India’.

Due to the increasing strain at the borders between India and China, Indian citizens have decided to stop the use of Chinese products in the market.

In addition, many Indian people decided to buy products only Made in India companies that are of Indian origin. More and more people are looking for products which made by India.

Best Air conditioner (AC) Company Name 2021

Air conditioners have become a very popular and common home appliance in the last few years as the average temperature is increasing every year due to global warming.

Day by day, the demand for AC is increasing and air conditioners are becoming a family member of Indian houses.

Indian Air Conditioner Company name
Indian Air Conditioner Company name

You already know that summer has arrived in some of the countries and people are searching for the Best AC brands in India and they also check their reviews before purchasing it.

Here is a list of companies that make air conditioners and they are the best Indian AC Companies in 2021.

  1. Blue star
  2. Voltas
  3. Llyod
  4. Godrej
  5. Videocon
  6. Onida
  7. Kenstar
  8. Symphony
  9. Orient
  10. IFB

So, let’s start our brief discussion for the list of the Best AC manufacturing company in India in 2021.

1. Blue Star – Top Indian AC Company Name

Blue Star is one of the best Made in India companies of Indian origin and so, it’s headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company is known for the manufacture and sale of air conditioners in national and international markets.

Blue star - Best Indian Air Conditioner company
Image Credit – Indian Air conditioner company

The founder of the company was Mohan Advani in the year 1934 and currently, the key people in the brand are Shailesh Haribhakti, who is the chairperson, Veer Advani, who is the vice-chairman, and MD and B Thyagarajan, who is also MD.

Best AC Models of Bluestar:

2. Voltas – Indian Air Conditioner Company

Voltas is the popular and world-famous Indian AC company that is a TATA group enterprise and one of the best companies trusted by its users.

The company was incorporated in the year 1954 in Mumbai, India. Voltas has been voted as the most trusted brand by many customers and the company enjoys a good reputation in the market. Therefore, This is the Best AC company in world.

Voltas is a name that Indian consumers trust due to the durability of their products. The air conditions created by Voltas ACs are energy efficient and also budget-friendly that creative advertising campaigns have helped it reach a wider audience.

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Best AC Models of Voltas:

3. Llyod – Indian AC Company Name List

Lloyd AC brand India with its impeccable quality standards with the unmatched product, service, and warranty.

It has over 3 million customers. Because of this trust and love, This present constantly innovative ideas and innovations, and smart solutions. So, This is one of the top AC brands in India 2020.

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4. Godrej – Indian Air conditioner company Name

Godrej is another popular name when it comes to the Indian AC company. The company was founded in the year 1897 and Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej was the founder of Godrej.

The company offers a wide range of air conditioners to choose from. Godrej is an Indian brand so, the Godrej company’s headquarters is in Mumbai, India.

Best AC Models of Godrej:

5. Videocon

Videocon is the most popular Air conditioner company originating in India. The videocon company was established in the year 1979 and it’s headquartered in Mumbai, India.

The company offers a great range of air conditioners, of which there are variations in cooling capacity, budget, type, color, etc.

The chairperson of the brand is Venugopal Dhoot, who is currently the Chairman and also MD of the videocon company.

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6. Onida

Onida is also a popular Air conditioner company name that offers TV, air conditioners, washing machines. This is a truly Indian AC brand. It also comes with new features like voice technology in smart inverter AC.

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7. Kenstar – Indian Air Conditioner Manufacturing company Made in India

The company Kenstar is that introduced branded air coolers in India in 1996. and then also it launched microwave ovens, tumble top washing machine and many such pioneering products. Kenstar is the best company for air coolers and also good for air conditioners.

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8. Symphony

Symphony, an Indian multinational air cooling company with attendance in over 60 countries, is the world’s largest manufacturer of air-coolers.

From inventions to environmental responsibility, Symphony also gives the best that has been cooling customers for generations.

The company was established in Gujarat, India in 1988, Symphony Limited established a new category name of its evaporative air-cooling in India.

9. Orient

Orient is a consumer goods company that provides AC, fans, and many more electric items. For that reason, orient is one of the fastest-growing enterprises, we have emerged as a symbol of innovation in India. So, these are the Best Indian AC brands made in India.

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10. IFB – Indian AC Brands Made in India

This is also a good brand in India that offers AC, washing machine, and many more kitchen and home appliances. Moreover, It is also a pure Made in India company.

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Some Chinese AC Companies And Other Countries AC

Air Conditioner CompanyCountry of origin
O generalJapan
SamsungSouth coria
LGSouth coria
Chinese AC Companies with other AC origin country


In conclusion, Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Indian AC Company name 2021 that purely made in India. And last we discuss the Chinese AC companies that information us to avoid buying the Chinese products.

I hope you like it and therefore one request from me that please stop the use of chine and other countries brands and buy an Indian air conditioner company name that helps economically to our country.