O General AC Company Made in Which Country?

Hello, here we discuss the O general Air conditioner company and its owner and also talk about O general AC Made in Which Country?

About O General AC

General is an air conditioner brand owned by Fujitsu General Ltd. of Japan. Fujitsu General manufactures and markets various air conditioning units and humidity control solutions under the General and Fujitsu brands in various markets.

Former Australian cricketer Mark “Tubby” Taylor has been the face of Fujitsu General Air Conditioner in Australia since 1998.

General AC In India

Now we talk about O General AC Company in India Manufacturing, and marketing of general air conditioners ETA General Pvt. Ltd., which is a joint venture between Fujitsu General Limited and ETA-Ascon Group based in Dubai. The company general is headquartered in Chennai. It has another second manufacturing unit in Thailand.

It has a large history of this company that started from 1936 to starting year. It makes high-quality and environmentally friendly products that provide good facilities to “create a comfortable environment” using the air conditioning technology and creativity.

It provides Split, window, and also multi-split ACs. See here Top 12 Best O General AC With Price to Buy.

O general AC Made in Japan Country. The O general Products from Japan.

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